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Default Re: About names of persons and places in the Kolmar Chronicles

Hiya Litwolf - as Douglas Adams' doors say, glad to be of service!

I love that you have a pal called Beskin! Hope she reads the book and likes it...

I so seldom get to meet real human fans in person, I've only had one or two chances to hear people pronounce my characters' names. And yes, I do correct them! I know exactly how they sound - even the dragon names, because I can "hear" them pronounced by those vast jaws, resonating in the faceplates... That said, I don't think anybody has yet had the courage to try to pronounce the dragon names in my hearing. Heh heh heh. (I'd like to hear 'em try, she sniggered, rubbing her hands in glee. )

And I agree - too close to Halloween to be talkin' about picking people's brains.
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