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Default Re: Writing original fic, killing of characters

Thanks Lanen! The original thread was about original fiction, I'm sorry if I confused anyone- it certainly wasn't intended!After the Pass is over (or in my world, post-grad school), I intend to write original fiction, and it's good to not only 'practice' on fanfic, but also bounce ideas around if y'all are willing.

Giving a character a good exit is a good thing to remember all the time, whether the characters you're dealing with are original or otherwise. Death is an equal opportunity employer, as they say. So- methods, methods, um, well, car accidents are definitely out.On the other hand, going to the Red Star and not coming back is not only plausible, but just about happened.

(And then part of me is like, "Why do I have to do this? F'nor is Anne McCaffrey's character. Why didn't she. . . " OK, OK, waaaay off-topic, sorry!
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