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Default Re: books too complex for their own good?

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
One character was already maimed going into the books (it's kind of a major character point with hers.) One had a traumatic childhood. The Lesson of the Day in book one is really "That's nice, we all have our problems. Now suck it up and save the world.

Can I borrow your line sometime to say to real people who drive me batty with self-pity?

OK, moving on. . .

I'm a sensitive soul, what can I say? I have trouble killing people, mine or otherwise. I even have trouble playing chess!(Those poor pieces. . . ) Though I can certainly see your point, Calenilly, about how putting characters emotionally through the wringer can be very cathartic. Yep, can see where it woluld be!

Maybe it's the suddenness of it. But I don't even do the long, lingering death scene very well.

Whatever, characters just need to shape up or ship out.
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