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Default Re: books too complex for their own good?

With fanfic stuff, I keep no notes. Or, very few, as in less than five lines, and only then when I need them to keep minor canon characters straight. (I have a few lines of Mrdini names hanging around for when I work on my Talent fics) I don't think I have any notes for the Pern stuff, I keep all my facts in my head. Hell, I don't even have the canon books on hand. (I've made a few mistakes due to that...)

For original stuff...hahaha. I have so many notes. Of course, the original writing is so much more fluid than fanfic writing...I create the bones of the world, and the organs, and everything out to the skin. With fanfic, you're playing with rules that are already set. But in your OWN world, there are no rules except those you choose to create and enforce.

Enforcing them can be difficult.

That being said...having gone through a few edits on my original novel, I can see how inconsistancies can creep in. But I'm pretty diligent in squashing them...I *notice* them, and remember that I wrote something related but elsewhere differently, and I specifically go back and refrence, not my notes because my notes can be wrong, but the actual text earlier in the story. Case in point, one of my characters had 3 buddies that were named with throwaway names for so long. Then I went in and added a scene--without consulting the old scenes--and totally re-vamped them and made them into characters that were much more real. Later on I tripped over the a few older scenes that referenced back to them before the revamp, and saw that they'd changed names, ethnicities, everything. And I caught it. I don't see how someone could *not* have caught something like that, not with their own work. It's just something that niggles in the back of your mind--an "Oh, I wrote about that earlier. I don't recall line for line what I wrote, which means I need to go back and actually reread, so I keep my facts in order as I write this new scene."
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