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Originally Posted by Zelandeth View Post
Given that it's 27C outside at the moment, I have decided that this afternoon is an ideal time to hide in an air conditioned room and park myself in front of the computer and expend as little energy as possible. I've got quite a few bits and pieces I need to catch up on actually so this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Ginny, that's quite an interesting looking little aircraft, could certainly see having one of those being a great deal of fun.

Skoda went in for the MOT on Friday, and not only managed to get there and back without blowing up (always a bonus when you've just had the engine in pieces), but only failed on some welding being needed on the one sill where there's some corrosion that I was already aware of, so actually classing that as a pretty good result. It's going back in on Thursday to have that sorted out, so with a bit of luck it'll actually be roadworthy again by the weekend.

My seemingly unstoppable slide downhill into furry madness has continued and suddenly started to feel very real now that the first few bits of the costume have actually shipped. Need to get off my backside and order the next few things I'll need as well, and am giving serious consideration to picking up one of these cooling vests so I don't die the first time I actually use the thing. ...With the temperature being what it is right now, actually sounds like a useful thing to have anyway! Basically just that and the actual fur left to pick up now (sheesh it's expensive - and surprise surprise it looks like I'll be buying from the US again so yet more customs charges)...then just putting the bits together. How hard can that be?
When you found out how hard, let us know, will you??
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