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Default Re: What is happening

I could deal with my landlord - he's my son. Ms Picky Body Corporate lady is someone hired by the six flat owners (the Body Corporate) to see about the maintenance of the outside of the building. She is supposed to be answering to the owners, not the other way around.
A check on Google Earth shows that the offending potplant was in fact already on my front entrance and already dead in 2008, which is the earliest Google Street View of this block of flats.
So far, the plumbers she's hired have been very efficient and nice to deal with - one of them had to go through the top of one of my cupboards into the roof-space to fix a leaking header-tank. The painters painted over wet pigeon shit, and, if she really is hiring gardeners then somebody's being royally ripped off. I've taken archeological quality broken glass out of the garden, and only once in the nine months I've been here have I seen any evidence of garden maintenance, and that didn't include the removal of household rubbish tossed into our carpark from the street.
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