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Default Re: What is happening

Eigh, annoying landlords are the worst - something I mercifully managed to avoid during my rental days.

Today I mostly gave my old Saab a bit of TLC in preparation for the MOT (yearly safety check) tomorrow morning. I knew the brake pads were getting a bit low on the front (still had a bit of life left in them but not much) so stuck a fresh set in. Changed the fluid while I was at it as what was in the reservoir looked disgusting and the brakes are worked moderately hard with it being a pretty heavy car with an automatic gearbox. Then I finally got around to changing the spark plugs (they've only been in the glovebox for about six months!), and giving the throttle body and air metering unit a good clean. Managed to blast myself in the face with carb cleaner while doing that but at least it removed some of the brake dust I was covered in...

Then did a full lighting check (will see if my usual curse of a brake light failing between here and the test station continues!) as it would be silly to fail for something as daft as a duff bulb.

After that just spent a couple of hours giving it a good coat of wax and treating the plastics etc. Always figure that turning up with a car that looks well looked after can't hurt. Plus it having two brand new tyres, a new exhaust, half a new braking system and evidence of a service less than a month ago should give a decent impression of the owner being someone who believes in maintaining their car.

...fingers crossed it will pass. Will see, 9AM tomorrow.
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