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Default Re: What is happening

Me n maw wuz ridin to town when we seen this here thang sittin long side the road. Well, we stopped n looked at it n after studyin on fer a spell, we decided it must be one o them there fancy flower planters, like they have in the big city. So we loaded it up n brought it on home n set it on this here ole stump n stuck some flowers in it. Heavy thang, tho. Like to throwed my back out, movin' it round.

That there one thang on the bottom I wuz goin to use to frame Great Granpa's picchur, but maw sed it wuz the wrong color, an we wuz all out o black paint right now, so we jus let it be. An that there other thang standin up agin the back, maw sed wuz too flimsy to use fer a bread board, so we jus let it be, 2.

Anyhow, we think it looks right purty a settin there on that there stump, an the flowers seem to be doin real good a growin in it!
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