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Default Re: Possibilities of draconic space research

Originally Posted by Weyrbrat View Post
This is probably a really incredibly stupid question, but don't people use oxygen to get high? I would've thought NASA would want to avoid a lightly stoned astronaut

On earth, O2 is ~20% of the atmosphere (at 1 atmospheric pressure).

Is a space suit, the atmosphere is at .20 atmospheric pressures, but 100% 02.

So if you do the math, you find that an astronaut is only getting the normal 02 that they get on earth.

Also, it is doubtful that they would use Nitrogen in the space suit, as that could cause problems similar to what divers suffer when they surface too quickly. And this is probably the reason why it take them 2 hours to depressurize before going outside of the spaceship (because the spaceship probably does have nitrogen in the atmosphere).

It would be possible to use an inert gas, such as Helium, mixed with the O2 that the astronauts breathe, but if you lower the concentration of O2 too much, then the astronauts would black out from lack of O2.

I think there are two reasons why the suits are designed to operate at about .20-.25 atmospheres.
1. Any more, and they would look like the Stay-Puff marshmallow man (or the Michelin man), and they would not be able to move their arms and legs.
2. Any lower, and they would not be able to get enough O2 to keep from passing out.

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