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Default Re: The many incarnations of Robin Hood

Well; I was brought up on the book version by I think Sir Walter Scott. I'll have to dive into my archives and see if I still have it.

I remember the film version with Richard Todd in the lead role. That's the one with the title song about:

"Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen.
Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men.
Feared by the bad. Loved by the good.
Robin Hood. Robin Hood. Robin Hood."

Though why a "glen"? they used to send messages tied onto whistling arrows.

I thought the tele version with Chegwin in it was trash.

Of the later versions, I enjoyed "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves"; but giggled madly at "Men in Tights" and "Maid Marian and her Merry Men". That may be because the last two had Tony Robinson involved.
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