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Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
Biggest snapping turtle I've ever seen in real life. The shell from front to back was about 18 inches and the head was about 2/3 the size of my fist. IN our back yard (there is a pond and a lot of woods at the bottom of our yard). The tail goes almost to the left side of the photo, and I don't know if you can see, but there were spikes on it, almost like a dinosaur or alligator! One mean looking creature. I did not get very close!
I recall our dog Penny cornning one mom snapper, she was only going to were she 'laid her eggs' in the middle of our gardan, she was quite big for just a kid, like me, I some how got her into a large bucket, and added some water from the well, to keep Penny from trying to 'protect her home', she did at first snap at me, but I didn't think I could carry her bucket and all safely down to the river, but she got warm up and snaped at me, miss me, I said to her, "Oop you are going to have try later mom snapper, and I got her to the bucket and all, after putting Penny in the house, and dumped her back in the river and told her good luck! She alway came to one spot in our gardern, so we try keep it open for her nest/eggs for they do like to eat 'bugs'
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