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Originally Posted by Lanen View Post
Lady Maelin, what a fabulous portrait! (OK, I admit I'm rather sweet on Clive Owen myself.) As to whether he'd be a good F'lar or not, or looks like my idea of F'lar - alas, as I don't *have* an idea of what F'lar looks like in my head, I can't comment! F'lar was somehow always more a presence for me than a carefully described person - a good writer's trick, that. If you describe how the person makes you *feel* and keep the physical description sketchy, your readers can put any face to it they want, hence our divided opinions.

That said - your work is terrific! You are so wildly talented, lady. Another triumph, this.


Thank you dear friend for the lovely compliment...
For me F'lar was discribed very well...both in personality and in looks. He is tall... dark haired, amber eyed, and thin of face. Strong heavy brows and a straight high bridged nose. Well defined wide thin lips and a strong jaw. More or less of these type discriptions are spread out all over Anne's Pern stories. She also does have a way of giving you the incredible presence of the character...where you almost feel them...instead of see half of me would definitely agree with you. Perhaps I have read the Pern books so many times...I have developed a face in my head over all these years.
Clive Owen isn't my vision of F'lar exactly either...but like I said that drawing was done more as a *lets see what he looks like*quick sketch instead of a true portrait. Clive is certainly dreamy, and might do a fantastic job in the part of F'lar for the movie...but the F'lar I still see in my head is somewhat different from this drawing.

As for being able to discribe a character. so well...yours are still dancing happily around in my head...and I can see them so very clearly. Someday I will want to put them down with pencil and paper as well.
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