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Default Re: Favourite Brawn?

I think I liked PartnerShip because Nancia is probably a more typical Brainship than most of the ones we run into, except maybe Simeon and Carialle. It's nice to run into one who isn't so confident, or super-talented, or an anomally like Tia. Whereas SwSearched, I'm just not interested in/don't care about the whole archaeology/EsKay plot, so it doesn't matter to be what happens regarding a major character goal. (Maybe because I know how mindbogglingly dull real archaeology can be.) Helva, probably more style than anything, but I have a hard time identifying with her. I recognize it as a good book, but I can't get emotionally involved that deeply. I love "The City Who Fought", which is odd as "The Ship Avenged" is the only one I can't even finish, so it can't be Stirling that I'm liking, but I recognize that for the average Anne reader it's probably really gorey and violent.

Wouldn't know on Acorna. The farthest I've made it into ANY other Anne series than Pern or Brainships is halfway through the second Freedom book, which I put down midway and never went back. Couldn't finish "The Rowan", couldn't finish either of the "Planet Pirates" that I tried, never made it past the dust flaps on the others.
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