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Default Re: dragon lover's guide to Pern

The second edition was done as a Ballantines trade paperback only and published in December 1992.

There must be a thread here about the differences between the two editions, e.g. what the second edition has more.

found it

In that I wrote about the differences:

DLG2 has 260 pages against 178 for DLG1 but most of those pages are filled with (incomplete) indexes on dragons, their riders and the book itself (an index was sorely missed for the 1st edition and there were several existing online well before the 2nd edition was published).

DLG1 ended with chapter XI, the pronunciation guide

In DLG2 chapter XI is called "The End of Thread (pp. 175-186)
Chapter XII: "Life after Thread" (pp.187-195) has all the new halls, crafts, holds and weyrs. XI and XII deal with info from All The Weyrs of Pern mainly.
Chapter XIII is about "Dolphineers" (pp. 196-202), obviously holds the infor from The Dolphins of Pern.
Chapter XIV is called "New Life for the Dragons" (pp.203-206) and looks to the future of dragonkind.
And chapter XV is now the enlarged pronunciation guide (pp. 207-209).
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