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Lightbulb Re: Getting to know you...

Hi all I'm Selene and I challenge you all to guess my identity.
A lot of you know me , and know me well .
Some of you have even shared a Gather with me (hi Anneli, H, and Bardmaiden)
I am 55 years young and is the proud owner of several cats (Balinese) a dog Rodeshian Ridgeback (bitch) and a day care taker of the giant RR Indorion 67 cm and 55 kilos heavy (the sweetest dog in the universe but, just, to ,big).
The dogs are nuts their favoutite ocupation is to run beside the Highway trying to outrun the cars.
Not to worry, the road is fenced with a protective fence (put there to protect deer and elk and such from being run down by cars or vice versa)
Both dogs are exellent hunting dogs and now and then get used by the local police to find people and animals who has got lost in the forrest.
Yes we do have several large forrest areas that is very easy to get lost in.
Where I live Haninge is situated about 6 miles outside Stockholm .
I work at a bank at the security department and that is all I'm going to tell you about my work. And no I do not carry a gun at work.

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