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Default Re: What is happening

It's running fine - getting it through the MOT is another matter though as they're really strict about a lot of things - including a shed load of things which don't actually have any effect on the safety or running of the vehicle...but don't get me started on that.

If the brakes are grinding it's most likely an indication that the friction material on the brake pads has worn away completely, and you're now hearing the sound of the metal back plate rubbing against the brake disc (think the term is rotor over there...). Should be an easy fix for anywhere that does basic brake work.

Just get it done sooner rather than later as A: Braking efficiency will be impaired, and B: It will wreck the brake discs as well if not seen to pretty quickly.

Also possible that its something completely innocuous like a stone that's managed to get itself wedged in behind a splash guard or something like that, but my money would be on that you need new brake pads.
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