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Default Of Towers and Primes - or, Where Are They Now?

So I'm in the middle of hideous crunch at work, which of course means I've been inspired to pick up and dust off my Talent fic. It's set after the last book, so I'm currently trying to work out a comprehensive list of who ended up where, in terms of Primes/Towers/Planets. I don't have the books handy, but I've been poring over the Towerdex to glean everything I can from it. Can anyone add any of the missing details, correct anything I've got wrong, or just add comments? =)

[Star League towers]
Earth - Jeff Raven
Callisto - The Rowan
Deneb - Jeran Raven
Procyon - Cera Raven Hilk
Iota Aurigae - Damia Raven Lyon
Vega - Ezro Raven
Betelgeuse - David
Capella - Capella
Altair - Bastian and Maharanjani (still?)

[Hiver planets]
Talavera - Ivy/Andy Dumas, Scott/Stuart/Sara (still?)
Marengo - Morgelle
Iwojima - Vagrian Beliakan
Ciudad Rodrigo - Flavia Bastianmajani (did she stay?)

[Mrdini towers]
Clarf - Laria Raven Dano
Sef - Yoshuk and Nesrun
Clariflor - Barry Raven

[Navy Primes]
The Washington? - Thian Raven Lyon
? - Rojer Raven Lyon

[Planets without Primes/Talents (yet)?]

[Primes/Talents without Towers (yet)?]
Morag, Kaltia, Ewain, Petra Raven Lyon
Possibly 3 other children of Jeran
Possibly 3 children of Cera
Perry, Xahra
Pietro Matheson
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