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Default Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows *Spoilers*

With all the fuss about a major character dying, I was a little annoyed when I kept bracing myself for Ron or Hermione to die any paragraph, and then they didn't! The only deaths we really feel are Fred's, of course, and Dobby. Yes, Dobby was annoying, but he saved everyone.

She did kill Harry, but then he wasn't really dead, so it doesn't count.

I LOVED that Kreacher responded to kind treatment, just like Hermione always said he would, and ended up LEADING the other house-elves into battle! Which was also foreshadowed at some point!

And what a thrill when everyone started pouring into the Room of Requirement - the DA and everyone from the Order - and I suddenly realized, of COURSE the final battle is going to be in Hogwarts! There's no other place it could be!

I am so glad we saw Snape's own memories of what has been going on with him throughout the series. And what a revelation about him and Lily! It wasn't just a crush, it was a childhood friendship - a strange one, but probably his only one... And now we know how Petunia knew about dementors... and how she really felt about Hogwarts...

I was very pleased with Dudley's farewell to Harry.

I was furious when I turned the page and saw the phrase "Nineteen Years Later..."

Oh, CHeryl - I can't seem to access that link.
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