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Default Freedom: The Good Guys and Favourites

I don't see any thread for this one already started, so here goes:

Who were your favourite characters, or your favourite Good Guys on Botany, and why? What was it that endeared them to your heart?

My favourites were the Deski, and specifically Coo and Pes i adored them both! They seemed to have a wonderful sense of humour. And i liked the fact that there was an alieness to be delved into and unraveled about the Deski. There was a real pleasure in finding that despite their alien aspects, they were really the same as anyone else. And, i've often thought how wonderful it would be to have a Deski's acute sense of hearing! wow!

There are a few others that are favourites of mine as well, but i will wait until you all have had a chance to talk about yours first.
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