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Default Collecting Highlight (49) - Season's Greetings

Wrong time of year you say? You are quite right but sometimes you hardly have time to write a Collecting Highlight but still want to... so, you need to come up with a "trick"
Don't get me wrong, I think this is a real collectors item but... I have never seen one for sale and it certainly is collectible but the story and data can be mercifully short

I received this card from Anne a few years ago. The card doesn't say when and I forgot which year exactly but think it was 2003 or 2004. At that time I was a host/webmaster of Anne's website and the year after I received the card Anne stated by email that she was no longer sending out cards with Season's Greetings at Christmas but was rather donating the money she used to use for buying them to charity.

I don't think the card itself was especially made for Anne but since I never asked her, it is possible (has anybody here ever seen one?). Information printed on the back of the card says: "Calligraphics by Lynn Van Dam (c) Monrovia, CA 91016". What the front and inside say you can see for yourself.

No real value can be attributed to this card as I have never seen one for sale. Needless to say I don't even think of selling it
The calligraphy is wonderful and the idea of drawing a dragon this way original and special. It is a wonderful card that is worthy of the story going with it!

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