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Default Re: Freedoms Ransom: It is the last book?

Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Perhaps her publisher is making so much noise about Pern that Anne can't hear the fans asking for anything else?
Well said Pete
Pern was not my favorite series yet it goes on. I believe its peoples fascination with dragons, Alchemy and Academe. (sword and sorcery, dare I say) Or maybe people subconciously wish for simplicity? Are we the cause of our own ignorance?
We have lost far too much of our knowledge through book burning and religous crusades! My way or the highway... any oppose me must die! We have had our share of dictators... I mean presidents in the USA. Close minded and egomanical the lot of em! OOOpse now I've done it... I have descented. Fine! come get me Napolelean!(complex) and bring your lil dog too!
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