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Default Re: What is happening

What is happening: Well, let's see, so far this year....

Back on a Friday going into what was probably the coldest weekend of February, our furnace blower motor went out. Went the whole weekend on electric space heaters. HELLO, electric bill, not to mention the cost of the motor & labor.

Went to the electric company slightly before that and got set up for their level-pay system, where you pay an average bill instead of high/low/rinse/repeat. Thought that would start with February's bill. It didn't. Started with March's, so I came up short in February, and made arrangements to time pay the balance. Then the level pay bill starts, and promptly screws up the whole bill for 2 months so far. When I get my check the 12th, I'll go in to the office and duke it out with them......

In the midst of all that, we were planning out the purchase & installation of a new storage shed. Well, the "dirt work" for the site ended up costing about $200 more than what we had estimated and budgeted for. But the shed itself went up on time, even with a half-day rain delay. So we now have a 2-story, 16 X 16 X 16 foot shed, or small barn. Got a great deal on it. Now all we have to do is pay it off.

While that was going on, first my cell phone died due to a fried motherboard. Then, just because Murphy and his Law is alive, well, and definitely active, my mother celebrated her 93rd birthday on March 9th by going into the hospital with cellulitis. We ended up with 2 new cell phones for an additional $11/month for 2 years on a new contract (we had been out of contract for about 3 years, anyway) on the same day that mom got out of the hospital. That was the good news. The bad news was that the hospital put an elastic "Ace" bandage on mom's leg too tightly, she got home with her leg going numb, and fell, gashing her arm. Back to the hospital in the middle of the night, for 11 stitches.

We get her out a day or so later, and into a Home with a rehab center, and find out there is an absolutely huge blood blister on her foot, caused by the Ace bandage. Back to said hospital to get that drained a couple days later, then back to the home.

All this time I'm juggling trips to see mom (she lives in her own place on my sister's property, so my sister the God-sent saint has dealt with all the above momprobs), cell phone replacement, shed construction, and house remodeling, old bathroom redo edition. On one of our trips to see mom, we special order wall tile for said bathroom, only to find out a week later that they don't make it no more. Three days later, I discover the supplier has 2 pieces left out of the 5 we wanted, so we got that ordered and are waiting for it.

I was redoing some of the wiring in the under construction bathroom wall before closing it up, and unknowingly broke one wire in the lead going to one of the two plugs for our big bath tub in the other bathroom. Found out it was bad when we went to use the massage jets (I'd say Jacuzzi, but that's a brand name, like Kleenex) the other night. I finally got the problem diagnosed, tracked down and fixed by about 7 PM yesterday.

But Friday, the alternator went out on my car....

So that brings us up to what's happening.

Got the shed up but not insulated, so can't build shelves yet. Because...

Bought replacement alternator with the insulation money, but don't have money to have it switched out until April 12th, the day we get our next checks. So no station wagon for hauling anything of any size. Wife's car is a Chevy Aveo.

New phones have a learning curve we're up against.

But at least the furnace has been working great.

Almost all the sheet rock is up in the bathroom.

The tub is working again.

Mom is still in the rehab center.

The weather has been totally uncooperative, so we're not totally done with getting out of our old storage unit (with monthly bill). Thanks to shed and other problems.

But I DO check this board at LEAST once a day, even if I don't post.

And when I do post, it's so long, most won't read it all.

But, that's Life.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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