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I don't know what models and different makes you all have in your parts of the world, but here in the States, one of the best rated used cars is the first generation Scion XB. The drive train is Toyota Corolla, which is the system they've produced the longest (first rule of mechanics: If it works, don't fix it). The little toaster on wheels is extremely roomy (I'm 6'1" and can sit comfortably in the back seat, with the FRONT seat all the way back), and you won't believe how much you can pack into an XB until you do it once. Plus the fuel economy is above average. We got 34 MPG (YOU do the conversion math) out of ours going across the high plains of Wyoming, where the average elevation is 5900 feet above sea level. Unfortunately, my wife totaled her XB. She still nearly cries over its loss.
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