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Default Re: What is happening

Was involved in a rear end shunt in the middle of a perfectly straight bit of road.

Pedestrian in all black clothing wanders out into the carriageway in front of me - I brake and stop about three feet short of them as they amble across the road. Just as I take my foot off the brake to start moving again, I hear and feel a loud thud through the car. Apparently the brakes on my 1989 Saab were more effective than the anchors on the 2003 Beetle behind me. Despite that they're the ones who had ABS, emergency brake assist, stability control and goodness knows what else. Really goes to show that it's more down to the squishy thing at the controls than the car doesn't it...

Thankfully no visible damage above or below my car, but I took a note of all the driver's details just in case for when I have the opportunity to examine the car in daylight when it's not tipping it down. Bumper mounts are all perfectly sound (including the crusty on in the middle that I keep meaning to weld a plate over), and it wasn't a particularly hard impact. So if anything's bent, imagine it's likely to be limited to the bumper bar itself which is at least easily replaced. Don't want to think what the Beetle probably looks like under the plastic cladding.

Thankfully the lady who was driving the Beetle didn't make any claims that it was anything other than her fault (I have that in writing), and handed details over without any fuss - if she hadn't, I would have got the police involved - which I imagine they would have done in short order anyway given that we were making quite an inconvenient road block in the middle of a main road - where there'd apparently been a three car pile up about half an hour before.

I've been down here for just over two months now - and have been hit four times (the first three being cyclists - two of which went into the back of my car when I was stationary at traffic lights with the handbrake on, the third managed to hit my driver's side wing mirror when he tried to squeeze between me and a parked car, while cycling the wrong way down a one-way street). I am seriously starting to lose patience with driving down here! Between lack of following distance, general impatience and the seemingly endless numbers of suicidal cyclists (I mean no disrespect to the sensible ones - I have a bike too!), it's getting downright terrifying to go out there.

Been driving 11 years all over Scotland...It really is a totally different ball game down here.

Seriously, seriously again considering installation of on board cameras in my cars. Had this been in the Skoda rather than the Saab I would most likely have been looking at significant damage, in a car for which parts are infinitely harder to find.

Most importantly though, me and my partner are perfectly OK, the car seems to be fine as well which is a bonus.

Tomorrow we're going out shopping - we'll be taking our housemate's company car methinks, and I'll be snoozing on the back seat!

Think I may well get the car checked out by a garage early next week just for peace of mind though.

Also think after the lecture I gave her that the lady might be giving a bit more consideration to following distances!

...Probably not, but I can live in hope.
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