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Default News from Les Edwards and WorldCon Glasgow

As you know Les Edwards, the cover artist for the latest three Pern books recently made available for download as desktop wallpaper the artwork for Skies of Pern and Dragonsblood on his site

In the course of some email corespondence he told me he will be attending and exhibiting at this year's World SF convention Interaction in Glasgow:

I am not on any panels for the World SF, but I will be exhibiting there. McCaffrey fans may like to know that DRAGONSBLOOD original artwork will be exhibited there, along with many other pieces by me and my alter-ego, Edward Miller. Although DRAGONSBLOOD original artwork is sold, I made it a condition that the artwork would be available for exhibition at the World SF Convention in Glasgow. I will be at the Art Show on a regular basis throughout the Convention, either near my work or wandering around looking at the other work in the Art Show. So people should just come up to me and say hello.
You might want to take along your Skies of Pern, Dragonsblood and/or Dragon's Kin to have it signed by Les; and maybe you could go after the authors, too
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