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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Ghyle! i'm so glad your day dawned with joy!

i have problems sleeping thru the nights from night noises as well. i sleep far too light and i know what a terrible hassle that can be!

May your night be peaceful and cozy,
And your dreams be kissed softly rosey.

May the nightbirds lull you to sweet dreams.
And the shadows never trouble thee.

May the breeze warmly whisper of love,
And the stars smile comforts from above.

May the morn dawn sweetly calm and bright,
And these wishes wing to you this night.

eeeeep! i am sorry about the aggravating neighbor Edith!
maybe you could treat him to a little something audible from your side? maybe get the message across that he's being too loud?

i do hope you have a better go of things! my neighbors are determined to tear up the quiet of every single saturday night late. and this ole momma bear gets pretty incensed at them for waking my girl all hours. makes me grit my teeth. :sigh: why cant people be more sensitive?
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