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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Heydey ho! I'm Dragongirl but my real names Samantha. I hate my name and if you must call me anything other than Dragongirl than call me Sammy.

I'm a middlish teen with dark hair, brownish-gold eyes and a relatively short build. Most men/boys that know me are scared of me cause of my ability to pull evil pranks on them if they piddle me off.

I've been readin Pern for 3 years now and I love it! I love all sci-fi in general and also love drawing and writing poems.

And yet again I must thank Ghyle and Cheryl for their tremendous help in getting me registered. Love you guys!!
Paired with Calenlily. Woo, I has a stalker! *heart*

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When someone is grieving for what they've lost, you can't really say you know how they feel, or how they should handle things. Because even if you've lost too, everyone grieves differently. Anyone who says otherwise are presumptuous idiots.-Hayley (My friend can be an astonishing wealth of wisdom)
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