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Default Re: Getting to know you...

When reading through this thread today, I realised that I never introduced myself properly. I did start a thread saying hi, but I never did tell anything about myself other than my username on the NKT was DreamCake at the time (I've since changed it to Nefermiw).

Well, here's about me:

I was born on the last day of July in 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I've always read a lot, and my favourite genre have always been fantasy and sci-fi. One day when I was 14 (I think) I found the Anne's Harper trilogy in the library and really liked the books. But only about 5 of Anne's books have been translated into Danish, so I had to venture into the grown ups section of the library to find the English versions of the books. Ever since then I have hardly read any books in Danish :LOL:. Since it was Menolly who introduced me to the wonderful world of Pern, I have a soft spot for the Harper trilogy, but I really do count the Crystal singer books as some of my favourites too.

As the years went by, I've managed to finish two educations: Technical Drafter/Designer (maschines, not houses) and I've got a BA in egyptology from the University of Copenhagen. I got married May 2004, and in August 2004 I moved to Heidelberg in Germany with my husband, who is doing his PhD here in astronomy (he's into planet formation). We have no kids, but we have a 17 year old blue fronted amazone parrot. Currently I'm kind of looking for a job in the field of CAD, but I'm in no hurry.

Nice to meet you all!

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