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Smile Re: Campfire Coffee Story, the Creation of the Truck Stop/Norwegian Coffee

Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
It's a funny story, but I have to say it is hard to read because the grammar is so screwed up. In particular, you seem to leave out words a lot. Does your computer have a grammar checker? I'm not sure if that would help.

Also, just a hint regarding feedback threads: either ask for feedback at the end of the story, OR in a separate thread. Looks like you did both here!

Please don't be discouraged from posting here, just keep in mind that you're trying to communicate and it's very difficult to receive the communication as it is.
Brenda how true on that. I had a dilly of a time. Right now I have MS Works and it came with this computer I would like to update to MS Office for it has more power and can help a lot.
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