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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

Balin, snarling when the guard returned, snorted. "Fine, if we've company headed this way, might as well give them a bit of distraction or something..." he paused, studying the cave, eyeing the tunnel now exposed. He knew there were several caves branching off in them, and picked up Rashid, the boy moaning softly.

"Shut up!" he snarled, bashing the hilt of his knife against the lad's head, a welt the size of an egg forming from the blow. Inhaling sharply, the boy stirred fitfully, until Balin shook him hard. "If you don't shut up, I'll crack your damned head open," he said softly.

Hearing a sword being drawn from its sheath, he glanced over his shoulder, finding that Agravain had his gaze fixed on a point beyond them, a frown on his fave. "We'll have to fight," he said simply.

"If they want the boy to live, they'll have to let us by. Or I can just kill him with one slice," Balin said, sneering as he caught sight of Sassy and Bubba, followed by Ly and two or three of the Hold guards.

Seeing Rashid, Sassy screeched, talons and teeth bared, ready to flay Balin's flesh into shreds.

Lysandre's jaw clenched, and he was ready to rush Balin when he saw the condition Rashid was in. To do such things to anyone, let alone a child-! If Rashid died, he would hold Balin personally responsible. Only Balin's threat stayed his hand, as he considered his options, eyes narrowed to smoldering, obsidian slits.

His best chance at the moment was an attempt at bluffing. Luckily, Ly's poker face was impeccable, and he'd had some recent practice at lying. "You're outnumbered. Even now, my men have killed most of yours and are working their way through the cave-in in the other passage. Give up now, and I may decide to let you live."

The passage they were in bent behind Balin: another guard was able to make a stealthy approach from that end, and threw a dagger unnerringly, hitting Agravain in the back. In a few strides, the large guard was close enough to block Balin's escape.
Lysandre permitted himself a smile, but he didn't let his guard down, waiting.

Snarling, Balin sneered at Lysandre, wondering just why his idiot sister actually liked being married to this man. Of course, he was soft- look at the extent he was willing to go for the brat under his arm. And there's the matter of him being at the whim of Tsigana's every wish.

Eyes narrowed, he considered the Lord's words, moving his hand over to cover Rashid's mouth, to stop him from crying out should he waken.

"Why should I? I'm dead anyway," he hissed, baring his teeth defiantly. He knew that he would certainly die for this, but he also knew that he would get satisfaction in seeing his sister's world crumble before her eyes, much like how his own had when she forced their father to name an alternate successor in his, the rightful Heir’s, place. Damned bitch was too interfering for her own good.

Hearing a strangled grunt, he shifted his eyes to the side, realizing that Agravain had been struck down. Now he was certainly surrounded. Then again, he had his last card- Tsigana.
"If you're wondering about your wife, she's with one of my men- he's been eying her like a dog with a bitch in heat. Couldn't let him not enjoy her, could I?" he asked, smiling tightly. "She might end up liking it, too, like her whore of a sister," he added, not realizing that there was a funny growling noise coming from the bundle in his arms.

Suddenly, with a curse, he flung Rashid aside, the boy hitting the wall and collapsing like a pile of bricks. Eyes disbelieving, he looked at his hand, a small bloody bite mark forming on the meaty area under one of his knuckles.

Apparantly, he underestimated his nephew, though the boy was starting to fade now that he'd used up what little energy he had in getting away from his uncle.

Lysandre snorted, unimpressed. "That is probably the only intelligent statement you've ever uttered," he said coldly.
He tensed, and forcibly kept himself from reacting to Balin's slurs against Tsigana and Kiyia. "Obviously, you don't know either of your sisters well. And I'm begining to doubt you're related. Might want to see if your man is still alive," he drawled with forced calm.

Ly was gratitified to see that Rashid still lived and had the strength to bite Balin, in effect givng his rescuers a necessary opening. One of the guards raised his sword, but Ly said, "No, he's mine! Check Rash."

With a wordless snarl, Ly thrust out, catching Balin in the stomach. It had taken all of his will power to avoid decapitating the man - he decided that honors hould go to Kiyia or Tsi. Or both, in front of Tsia.

"I should have done this a long time ago," he growled, looking down at the man. He spat disgustedly to the side.
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