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Default Re: All At Once - Pern fanfic

Tsigana continued to lean silently against Ly until a knock sounded at the door. Startled, she looked up, exchanging looks with Ly, and called for their guest to enter.

She wasn't surprised to find Kiyia and Villiam walking in, and immediately wiped her eyes.

"What's up?" she asked, looking from one to the other
Ly wiped the tear off Tsi's face with his palm, his head also coming up at the knock.

Villi proffered the map to his older brother. "Rodin, the guard I set to tail Gaheris, reported back. We've a fairly good idea of where Balin and his lackeys are, assuming they haven't moved," he said tersely. "There’s enough here to plan a rescue."

Ly took the map, spreading it across his and Tsi's laps. "Thanks, Villi. Feel like we're finally getting somewhere."

She looked down at the map, listening as Villi spoke. A finger tracing the lines of the caves, she drew her brows together, a question forming in her mind.
"Is there any way of knowing for sure just where Balin and his... men are? If this is indeed a cave with complicated network of interconnecting caves and corridors, then they could be anywhere, and we'd likely be playing a game of hide-and-seek," she said, blue eyes dark with mingled apprehension and anger at all of this.

Kiyia, stifling a mutter, narrowed her eyes at her sister, wondering why she tended to question things through. But then, she wasn't known for being impulsive- often, unlike Kiyia. Good thing, too.

Villi should his head. "No. Rodin marked the one Gaheris entered through, but that might not mean anything."

Ly made a sound of disgust, glad Tsi had brought up that problem. "If only we could ask the Weyr for assistance...I think we'll have to find a way to flush the men out. Use flits and dogs to search and attack. If we put at least two men in every entry and send the rest deeper inside, that should cover most areas. Both Sassy and Bubba know how to go to Rashid and Norolan." Provided they were alive...

"But we'll have to deal with Balin first." A slight frown on her face, Tsi glanced at Villi, nodding. "True. Know that had it been me, I'd place guards in every entrance-way. And possibly move anything of importance to a different location- possibly in the same network if the cave actually has one. But knowing Balin, he'd pick someplace which could be used to his advantage, and caves with a large and long network would certainly give him that."

Kiyia, furrowing her brows, frowned slightly. "Would that work? Balin wouldn't necessarily think like a raider- he's too much the holder, but..."

Picking up on her sister's gist, Tsi pulled a face, rubbing her forehead. "Point. And if we have a mad hold-less man working with raiders, who knows just what kind of difficulties we'll run into."

Not to mention what he'd have done to Rash and Norolan....

Ly nodded. "You always were the one to think of everything," he said approvingly. "In any case, we shouldn't leave anything to chance: Balin could surprise us."

Villiam shook his head. "Be nice if the raiders turned on him and did the work for us," he said darkly. "Do you want to send the guards out now, or wait til morning?"

Ly considered. There were risks either way. "Now. They can make most of the distance under the cover of night, and find hiding places near the caves. That way, they'll be there when Tsi arrives." He gave Villi and Kiyia a shrewd look, adding, "But I'll tell them myself."

Villi grinned gratefully, and taking Kiyia's hand, urged her out, leaving the map.
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