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I don't think the Charter survived til the 9th Pass, or even the 6th. Earlier ages of Pern, sure, but by the time Fax came around it seems to be pretty well-accepted that the law is whatever the strongest man says it is. There's custom and duty, like everyone's duty to the Weyr(s), but nobody starts quoting the Charter to explain why Fax is wrong to conquer multiple Holds or rape all the women he likes.

Edit: I don't think literacy is a part of the public education system at all. That's the entire reason the Teaching Ballads are ballads, not textbooks. Reading was already becoming less common at the end of the First Interval, both because paper was expensive and because most folks outside the urban centers and the college didn't use it. The people in charge of redesigning the education system for Pern's future opted for rote memorization with musical memory aids, because they didn't expect to be teaching a literate population before long.
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