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Default Re: What is happening

Today I mostly...

1. Washed the Saab and Peugeot after they were both attacked by a blackbird that has a nest near to the driveway.

2. Started cleaning the lockblock paving around the side and back of the house. It's actually red brick, not concrete grey as appeared to be the case before. Now just another three and a half square miles to clean...

3. Did a "dry" build of the BBQ that I'll be building properly tomorrow to ensure I had enough bricks laying around. No problem it turned out, and I could probably build three of them.

4. Attempted to enable our solar water heating system...and discovered that it appears to already be enabled...Oh well, one less job I need to do!

5. Replaced the low temperature warning lamp for the above system.

6. Did battle with my web server. Firstly moved it to the other side of the house as the wireless coverage where it was simply isn't good enough. Will probably route some cat5 cable to that location in the end as it's an obvious place for it.

Then discovered that it was playing funny business. Was still randomly dropping off the network, and then that it was randomly losing comms with the hard drive. Initially suspected that the drive may be dying (it's ancient...see also, about 8 gig in size and it's sounded as though the bearings are made of gravel for years), but some further poking eventually revealed that it was all due to a dodgy USB cable of all things. Now seems to be up and running again. Fingers crossed. Failing that I might need to actually give it some attention and see what else I can find in the scrap box.

7. Last job for the day, replaced the lamp in the mains power on indicator on the heating control panel, as it being out was driving my OCD mad. Also means that it now makes the utility room look like a mad scientists lab at night.
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