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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

I agree with Razor that it's her ability to talk to ALL dragons, and if need be, many at the same time. If some of the higher riders notice Threrd's clumping, or the wind's cjhanging direction or anything else the others need to know, the rider can ask his dragon to tell Lessa, and then she can tell all the other dragons ALL at the same time, saving time, rather than it being passed on from one to another. Yes, Ramoth can talk to all other dragons herself, nbeing a quenn, but maybe that's where the confusion over astracts comes in...if the rider needs to give co-ordinates, better that his dragon just repeats what his rider ois saying word-to-word to a human who can understad the concept of co-ordinates, or a need for a particular formation.
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