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Default Re: A horrible Sunday

Quick(ish) update.

Fi and the kids spent a night in a cheap hotel, courtesy of the Council. they are now in a 4-bedroomed maisonette on a 60's housing estate the other side of Wolvo (from whence it is impossible to get to their schools, and anyway their uniforms were in the Utility Room waiting to be washed, so they were fuel for the fire).

Their former neighbours have been great. Three have donated clothing, one has given us (well, me mostly) access to her dishwasher, and one old boy has donated a radio and is helping me get bags of salvaged belongings to my garage from whence I can sort and clean things. I've lent them cooking gear, some books and a little DVD player.

The Council's housing standards state that they need a 5-bedroom house. The Council doesn't have many of them and none are available. So they are backing her finacially to rent privately. There's a suitable house for rent up a side street off their old road, so the kids can still go to the same schools.

I WAS hoping to get down to Wells Cathedral this next Sunday as my baby sister (only 57!) is being ordained, but I don't think I'll have the time.
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