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Default Re: 24: 9 November 2009 - Frozen In Time

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Could you divulge a little more about how you made it? On a burst setting maybe?
Well, after seeing all the wonderful close-up photographs of flowers and insects that were being posted I decided to get myself a new macro lens. The picture was one of my indoor experiments with the new lens during some bad weather (when no insects or flowers were easily available). I used a fast shutter speed and focussed carefully on the tap. I didn't use a burst setting, but it did take many attempts before I got lucky and managed to photograph the tap in mid drip(*). You're right that a burst setting would have made capturing the image easier, although since it's a flash picture it depends how quickly the flash can recharge. The picture could be improved if I had used rear curtain sync on the flash (so the blur appears behind the drop instead of in front of it) and had arranged to have a more colourful and interesting background refracted in the drop. There are other similar experiments you can try such as:
  • Photographing a drop of water splashing on a surface.
  • Setting the flash to stroboscope mode so there are multiple images of the drop.
(*) P.S. I didn't fire off pictures at random. I watched as the drip grew, and it dropped at roughly regular intervals at the same size, so I tried varying the point at which I pressed the shutter and used the feedback from the digital camera screen. This would have been impossible using a film camera.

By the way Platinum, your hampster pictures look great. Was the jump picture a lucky one or did you have several attempts?

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