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I agree with Draco, it only needs a little tinkering with contrast and colour levels and the auto options could well do the trick. Gowever, for pictures like this I'd also like to poit out the shadow/highlight option which would enable you (afer first correcting the colour levels, as the picture has too much green) to fix shadows and highlights to your liking. Thus you could make the sky even darker if you wanted to change the mood of the picture a little and (if that would be the case) make the foreground even darker

I'm not sure about the left side of the picture, you might want to also make a version with the strip of trunk there cout out of the pic. I'd also make a square cutout, starting from the right of the picture. That way you'll lose the whole "tangle" in the left side of the photo; it might make for a better picture but depends on what you like.

I like the picture for its many different kinds of foliage and (probably like Draco) expect an animal or phaerie to pop up any moment
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