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Default Re: A Collector's Guide to the Works of Anne McCaffrey

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin
Edi, I most heartily recomend "A Collector's Guide to the Works of Anne Mcaffrey", Becky and her friend did a fantastic job with it. I have it next to my computer always, and use it for the quick scan, and tracking of my books. My husband is using it now when ever he goes looking for a book for me.

Hans, LA LA LA LA LA, I already have mine signed( dancing around the room in glee).

I'm so glad that you are enjoying the Guide, Maelin! And that you're finding it so easy to use.
Now you really shouldn't tease Hans, it's not his fault that I didn't think about signing his copy! (I have the bookplate in hand and it's already signed for Hans!!)
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