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Originally Posted by skywaterblue View Post
I haven't read Renegades in forever. (I know I said I thought DQ was the weakest, but actually...)

Is there a reason given for Thella not to pack it up South and start her hold there?
At the time Thella left Telgar Hold to open up the abandoned hold and legally claim it for herself, Threadfall had not begun, and very little was known about conditions in the Southern Continent. The brief existence of a Weyr there (in the past) was kept secret because of the Timing factor. And once the Pass started, she would have assumed it would be equally bad in the South, with no dragon-riders to help out. So she started building up supplies and recruiting guards and workers for the hold she'd already found.

Toric and the other holders who went south with F'nor and T'bor would have had first dibs on going back there to set up a hold. After a few Turns they did get various groups of people sailing across to set up holds without permission; but when Thella decided to go South it was because she heard that Aramina and Jayge had set up a hold some distance east from there, and she still wanted to have revenge on them (and maybe steal their Hold).
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