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Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
I've done a little re-reading of DragonsDawn, and it appears that the initial plan was to move the Administration people, scientists, and the files and stored items they needed, from Landing to Fort, even before the volcanoes erupted. These people weren't producing food, and didn't need to be in the South to do their jobs, since they still had good tele-communications. Any settlers who couldn't cope with Thread were welcome to move also, but nobody was forced to go North.
I found the following quotation of Paul Benden in The Dolphins' Bell: "We're not abandoning the continent, nor entirely removing everyone. Drake wants to continue; so do the Gallianis, the Logorides; and the Seminole, Key Largo, and Ierne Island groups. Tarvi's keeping the mines and the smelters going. Since they work underground or in the cement block sheds, they're reasonably safe from Thread, though food resources may have to be augmented from our supplies."

"They may have to come north in the end, if we can't supply them from our stores," Emily said sadly.


However, Tarvi (Telgar) must be running the mines and smelters by proxy, since he's working at Fort and prospecting for mines in the western ranges to supply Fort more easily. And the Gallianis and Logorides will be competing with Red Hanrahan for animal fodder and stable space in Red Hanrahan's Ford.
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