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Default Re: AU: What would YOU change?

Presumably the Catherine Caves are in-harm's-way from Garben, since they're walking distance from Landing. My problem with the caves in general is that you don't need to live in a cave to defend yourself from Thread, just solid concrete slabs. Or bricks. Or ceramic roof tiles. Which is evident from the number of free standing buildings we see, both North and South.

A little more work to make concrete slabs, but the health benefits of staying near more fertile land and out of caves is ultimately going to be better for the health and welfare of your people.

My problem with the move North, Eriflor, is that I think moving to a different continent is throwing the baby out with the bathwater of the decentralization problem. It would have been easier to resettle everyone in the surviving holds and throw resources into large community Thread shelters. Maybe you can't blame them, because their heads are in high powered stonecutters and the previous war, but they choose a high cost solution to what is really a low tech problem. Pave paradise and put up a parking lot, guys!
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