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Post Thematic Photography: How it works

Starting on Monday June 1, 2009, a weekly theme will be posted in a new topic, and all interested photographers can post one or two photos to that topic that they think best exemplifies that theme. The photo(s) must have been taken by you; it does not have to be something you photographed just to fit the theme (e.g. it can be an older photo in your portfolio). Please do not go over the two photo per theme limit!

The following Monday, discussion on the submitted photos may begin, and posts to the new theme of the week.

Now if you miss posting a photo one week, or join our forum well after it has started, don't despair! You can still add a fitting photo or two to an old topic. Just understand that it may not generate as much discussion as most members will have moved on to the current topic.

All members who are interested can take turns picking the theme for the week (whether you plan to post a photo or not). We will have a stickied signup thread much like we do for the Where in the World Game. You do not have to pick your theme out at the time you sign up, but it can be helpful if you select it somewhat in advance; this will give members more time to take an appropriate photo, and will let us start the topic on time in the event you can't make it in to the forum.

We will also have a stickied topic where anyone who wishes can suggest themes. Our topics don't have to be selected from this list of suggestions, but I think it might be a help to have a list of ideas to help inspire the theme picker of the week.

1 Feb 2010 Update: We are switching to doing this every other Monday instead of weekly. Commentary on photos need only be held for one week, instead of until the two week period is up.

Questions? Please post them here!
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