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Default Re: Flight (A Pern AU)

Well, it's up. Apologies for it not being up yesterday, but I ended up tweaking it a bit.

I'm ambivilant about this ended up repeating the ship scene in a different time and locale, and I didn't mean that. But when I tried to have them together, Robinton started getting all logical on me, telling me that Menolly would lose her Mastery, making her sort of dependant on having a man around, and she'd hate that, and he'd hate that, and it would be horrible to force her into a position to give up her music, and no, he wouldn't do it, so try again.


Feedback is appreciated; feel free to put it in this thread, as the story is done. (Although I suspect I will edit it in the future to make it more wrapped up and square-shaped. You can tell it was written pretty linearly.)
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