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And that would be the F.S.P. (Federated Sentient Planets). The E.E.C. (Exploration and Evaluation Corps) team who surveyed Pern was an exploration service working for this Federation. F.S.P. is of course mentionned as the current known universe federation in the BB series.

Wikipedia relay the Anne's universes distinction in the article about Anne:
"While many of McCaffrey's most famous works are set in a universe which is governed by The Federated Sentient Planets or "FSP", these are not set in the same universe. The FSP is a story telling background that the author has found to be a useful tool for this series."

Useful... Sure. But why so similar? F.S.P. does appear in numerous series written by Anne in a strange common way. What may have been a discreet personnal joke from Anne became annoying when people began to notice. What's the deal if the universe is the same anyway? I personnaly like the idea that all these worlds may exist in the same universe, at similar periods. But if Anne does not like the idea, I guess nobody can force her to write things that way
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