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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Shalyn View Post
Uh...why? How?

There are many SF/Fantasy stories and books out there that deal with telepathic communication, and many of them deal with the fact that sex with the body can be enhanced when both beings are also telepathic.

The Dragon/Rider experience takes this one step further. It changes things, that's true, but I don't think it "turns the laws and mores of reality on their ear". I think that it is a great concept that, when originally written, was fresh and new and probably one of the selling points of Weyr Search/Dragonrider/ Dragonflight.

It's ideas like this that every writer prays for.
Of course, we have no telepaths to consult on the matter. Sure, it could be wonderful. Of course, it could also be a nightmare. There are parts of ourselves we never reveal to anyone, and for good reasons.

What might be lurking in someone's mind that you would encounter if you merged with it? So let's say a telepathic man and woman have sex and in the process merge minds and she discovers that he really enjoys putting ordnance on target and really couldn't care less about collateral damage and he discovers she's thinking that she'd rather be doing it with someone richer. Interpersonal relationships are messy enough as it is...would telepathy really be such a great addition to the mix?

The author has managed to duck the issue by providing the filter of the dragons. There is no merger between the humans. And the dragons really aren't fully developed people. They're more like talking animals. They're totally accepting, loving and non-judgmental about their riders...thankfully for the riders!

There is the distinct possibility that reading another person's mind could only be the most hideous form of rape imaginable. Some authors have thought about this, and you can see it in the convenient provision of the ability of telepaths to "hold back" part of themselves, "erect shields" or otherwise sequester portions of their minds. How would it really be? Who knows? If such sequestration is not possible, what a horror!

And how would the Weyr lifestyle and mores not be totally at odds with the prevalent behavior, laws and morality of the present day? Do you know of any place where the population routinely engages in bouts of wanton sex driven by external stimulus and shrugs it off? How many places do you know where any such activity would frankly be illegal? And how many places are that accepting of sex between unmarried partners, multiple partners, same sex partners, and with such frequency? Absent certain clubs in certain highly cosmopolitan municipalities, I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything approximating the Weyr lifestyle within present laws and mores.
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