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Default Re: Political discussions now allowed

Kath, 'merkins' is new to me. We don't use that in The Netherlands (which most people call Holland, which does not even exist). We use Yanks/Yankees for American cars and as a general name for people from the USA (not for North-Americans which would include Canadians). We don't use Yanks as an explicit derogatory name, it's just a nickname if you want, not specifically meant to insult.
Maybe the Dutch are different because Yanks comes Yankees comes from Jan Kees, so the etymology of the term has a definite Dutch origin

I actually don't know an insulting name we use for Americans. Can't think of one. And I think that's because the USA is such a collection of people with so maney different ethnic origin. I know they use names for each others, I had never heard of a Polack before I watched All In The Family

The Dutch are know as Cheeseheads by the Belgians but I don't know if that goes for other European countries, too.
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