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Default Re: Political discussions now allowed

Good question, Anareth. There has always been (to me, anyway) a double standard when it comes to discussions of the US compared to discussions of anywhere else. For example. There is a general practice by some to call all Americans "Yanks". No. We are not all Yankees. That title is reserved for those born in New England. There are also Southerners, Mid-Westerners, Westerners, and if I leave someone out I apologize. I'm proud to be a Yankee and glad to be an American. This has absolutely no bearing on how I feel about other countries or their citizens. I find it's important for me anyway, to have a good opinion of all citizens of another country, and if I hear of or meet (in real life or on the internet) one that I find is not up to my standard I will dislike that person. I've known people to be the other way around. Disliking an entire country worth of people just on general principles and then if they happen upon one that is "okay" they may accept them as "normal". Anyway. Just my two cents worth. In today's economy that might only be one cent!
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