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Default Re: 14: 31 August 2009: Clouds/Cloud Formations

The first picture was taken through an aeroplane window, which often does nothing for the shot, on the contrary. This is a moderate zoom (55mm) of the cloud cover over France on my way to Barcelona, Spain. I was amazed at the high "cotton peeling feeling" of the cloud cover that day.

The second picture doesn't show much clouds but it's a photo with a story. It was taken from the 110th (observatory) floor of the Empire State building in New York. It was one of the things I had to do at least once in my life: standing on top of the Empire State building. Unfortunately, when I first stood there, I was standing in the low hanging clouds over Manhattan In itself that was something special too but, of course, I would have rather had spectacular views to all sides. Then, all of a sudden the wind blew open the cloud cover and we were able to look down (all the rest was still white). It must have happen many times but it felt pretty special at the time

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