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@Becky...This drawing of Ramoth, is my most favorite dragon drawing(Feet and Claws included) that I have so far done. I know I took a few liberties with Ramoth's size...but that was because I wanted to show Lessa in a size that still had her recognizable to those enjoying the drawing. Yes there is another dragon on the heights...all together there are eight dragons in this drawing. Now go and get yourself to the gather...there is dancing and music for everyone to ejnoy...

@Jube, Thank you for the compliments...but I don't think that Robin Wood, or any other artist has anything to fear from me. I am just glad that so many of the fans of Anne's stories have found enjoyment in some or all of my work.
Now how about a walk through the gather stalls, you might just find something there that you need...

@Sarea, I thought that was you that I saw lingering around the pick lines...looking fondly over at a few of the nicer wagons...

@Maw, follow the smells to the roasting meats...and your ears to the wonderful Harper music...and enjoy the gather...

@Granath, thank you is the time to forget your duties, and go and enjoy the gather...

@ Thank you Lady Deb, now off with you to the gather...remember the races are ready to start again...
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