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Default Re: Plotbunny Adoption Center

Here's another one...

It's always struck me as odd that the Crafthalls pretty much run the show for EVERYONE in that Craft. You're not telling me that Old Men's Clubs in the Halls haven't sprung up? That young talents haven't been shut out due to political ploys? (As Menolly would have been if the Masterharper hadn't pretty much shoved her down their throats?) And that they haven't run off and found a patron (in a quirky young Lord or something) and just did their own thing regardless?

An interesting story might be about why the Wine Craft is split between two places. Are there seperate Mastervintners? (is that what they're called?) Or is there "one" with an "apostate" one at the other place (sort of like having two Popes)?
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